elva lutzaThe duo Elva Lutza, is one of the most interesting thing that happened, musically, in Sardinia in the first part of the XXI century and definitely one of the most original and with a projection towards Mediterranean and east Europe that is seldom heard in other bands from Italy.

Awarded in 2011 with Premio Andrea Parodi, the most important prize for world-music in Italy, they combine traditional music from Sardinia with other inputs such as songwriting, improvisation and music from different cultures. They made two albums, well acclaimed by audience and extremely well reviewed by music magazines all over Europe. The first one, name after the duo simply “Elva Lutza”, contained the famous song “Deo Torro”, that became an instant hit among music fans in Sardinia, while the second one “Amada” is a collaboration between the duo and the Provençal troubadour Renat Sette, building a bridge between Sardinian and Occitan culture.

Elva Lutza performed in theatres, festivals and clubs in Italy, Spain, France, England and, of course, Sardinia. In the next months a new album will be released with the Catalan singer and actress Ester Formosa. Elva Lutza are Nico Casu (trumpets and vocals) and Gianluca Dessì (guitar and mandola).